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Security mechanisms for an ambient environment middleware

Presentation held at 1st International Workshop on Distributed Computing in Ambient Environments (DiComAe), Proceedings, Paderborn, September 15-18, 2009
: Wahl, T.; Schütte, J.; Kostelnik, P.

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2009, 11 S.
International Workshop on Distributed Computing in Ambient Environments (DiComAe) <1, 2009, Paderborn>
Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence <32, 2009, Paderborn>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
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ambient intelligence; middleware; software architecture; trust; SOA

Ambient environments foster a lifestyle of permanent, yet unconscious interaction with unobtrusive technology surrounding the user. One of the main challenges in this field is to avoid ambient environments turning into a tool for perfect surveillance and control. The EU funded project Hydra aims at developing a middleware for ambient environments bringing forward mechanisms for security, privacy and trust. This paper introduces the security approaches, following the principles virtualization, loosely coupled services and semantics. After a brief introduction to the security challenges of ambient environments and the Hydra architecture, we will describe our solution for communication security, an approach to a privacy-preserving addressing scheme, the benefit of using semantic descriptions for security purposes and the integration of trust models.