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Defence against hazardous materials

: Kernchen, R.; Ruhlig, K.

Bullinger, H.-J.:
Technology guide : Principles, applications, trends
Berlin: Springer, 2009
ISBN: 978-3-540-88545-0
ISBN: 978-3-540-88546-7
ISBN: 978-3-540-88547-4
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hazardous material; radioactive substance; contagious agent; chemical agent; explosive; detection; detector; sensor; decontamination

Hazardous materials are matter, substances, mixtures and solutions having harmful characteristics (e.g. toxic, flammable, mutagenic). Normally a distinction is made mainly between the four major categories of chemical, infectious and radioactive substances, and explosives, with regard to possible protective measures. Technological progress has brought with it an increasing risk to mankind and nature through accidents resulting from the industrial use, manufacture or transport of such hazardous materials. At the same time there is a threat of warlike or terrorist acts. Therefore, technologies for the detection and removal of hazardous materials are of great interest.