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See it with neutrons

: Köble, T.; Rosenstock, W.

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Erstellt am: 23.6.2010

Bundesministerium der Verteidigung -BMVg-, Unterabteilung Rü IV, Bonn:
Annual Research and Technology Report 2008 : Defence research for the German armed forces on operations
Bonn: BMVg, 2009
Aufsatz in Buch, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer INT ()
neutron radiography; nondestructive method; in situ measurement; nuclear measurement technique; neutron; neutron generator; dirty bomb; improvised nuclear device

The Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis (INT) is conducting research into how neutron imaging methods can be put to mobile and in-situ use, for which pupose a small, mobile neutron generator is employed. Mobile neutron radiography can serve to complement X-ray imaging for identifying unknown objects that might be "dirty bombs" or "improvised nuclear devices".