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EuroVAST 2010, First International Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology

Held on June 8, 2010 in Bordeaux, France, co-located with the annual EuroVis 2010 Conference
: Kohlhammer, J.; Keim, D.A.
: European Association for Computer Graphics -EUROGRAPHICS-

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Goslar: Eurographics Association, 2010, 86 S.
International Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (EuroVAST) <1, 2010, Bordeaux>
Symposium on Visualization (EuroVis) <12, 2010, Bordeaux>
ISBN: 978-3-905673-74-6
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visual analytic; interaction technique; data analysis; knowledge representation

EuroVAST 2010 is the first international symposium on visual analytics science and technology held in Europe. The goal of the symposium is to promote and advance the combination and integration of visualization and analytics methods for the purpose of problem solving in a variety of application domains (engineering, business, public policy, medicine, security, etc).
Visual Analytics is the science of analytical reasoning supported by the interactive visual interfaces, which requires interdisciplinary science integrating techniques from visualization and computer graphics, statistics and mathematics, data management and knowledge representation, data analysis and machine learning, cognitive and perceptual sciences, and more.