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Landscape related community classification of macroinvertebrates in the region of Braunschweig, Germany

Presentation held at the 13th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting. Hamburg, 27.4.-1.5.2003
: Hommen, U.; Schäfers, C.; Biggs, J.; Liess, M.; Ohe, P. van der; Dembinski, M.; Holmes, C.; Ball, M.; Maund, S.; Gonzalez-Valero, J.; Hendley, P.

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2003, 10 S.
SETAC Europe (Annual Meeting) <13, 2003, Hamburg>
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Can differences in aquatic macroinvertebrate communities attributed to agrochemical exposure? Can we combine data from different monitoring programs? Can we identify distinct groups of communities in a landscape? What are the most important environmental variables?

- Macroinvertebrate community structure could be related to landscape and habitat parameters, such as elevation, velocity, structure of surrounding etc.;
- Data sets from different sources are difficult to combine (time of sampling, sampling technique, taxonomic resolution). Reducing this variability results in clearer detection of relations between community structure to environmental factors.