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Innovative optimization of process chains

Utilizing the tools of TRIZ and TOC for manufacturing
: Pfeifer, T.; Tillmann, M.

Univ. of Verona, Faculty of Economics:
Business excellence - Make it happen! Vol.1 : Proceedings of the 7th World Congress for Quality Management, 25.-27. June 2002, Verona/Italy
Verona, 2002
World Congress for Quality Management <7, 2002, Verona>
Fraunhofer IPT ()
process optimization; TRIZ; TOC

The aim of the project "Innovative Optimization of Process Chains" which is conducted by the Fraunhofer IPT is to develop a systematic for the innovative optimization of process chains in manufacturing. The systematic will enable a holistic consideration and optimization of manufacturing processes that results in an innovative process design. To achieve this goal a procedural model was developed that integrates classical tools of quality management as well as innovative techniques for manufacturing optimization. These are among other things the tools of the so-called "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ/TIPS)" and the "Theory of Constraints (TOC)" which promise a high utility and a relative low effort for qualification. TRIZ and TOC share the assumption that most core problems exist because some underlying conflict or contradiction prevents straightforward solution of a problem (e.g. improving one characteristic leads to impairment of an other). TRIZ especially provides tools to find breakthrough solutions (innovative process design) that overcome these conflicts of objectives. TOC is a systems approach to continuous improvement of process chains. It provides a set of five powerful tools. Three of them focusing on the covering of the implementation of solutions found for optimization problems. Because most great ideas fail in the implementation stage.