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Simulator coupling for electro-thermal simulation of integrated circuits

: Wünsche, S.

Szekely, V.:
Special Issue Containing Selected Papers from the International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Microstructures, THERMINIC Workshop
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1996 (Sensors and actuators. A, Physical 55,1)
International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Microstructures (THERMINIC) <1, 1995, Grenoble>
Fraunhofer IIS, Institutsteil Entwurfsautomatisierung (EAS) ()
simulator coupling; microsystem; thermal modelling

The paper presents a methodology for simulating the static and dynamic performance of integrated circuits in the presence of electro-thermal interactions on the integrated circuit die. The technique is based on the coupling of a FEM program with a circuit simulator. In difference to other known simulator couplings the time step algorithm is used. Its implementation into simulation tools is described. The thermal modelling of the die/package structure and the extended modelling of the electronic circuit is discussed. Simulation results which indicate the capabilities of the methodology for electro-thermal simulation are compared to experimental results.