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Microsystem design using simulator coupling

: Wünsche, S.; Clauß, C.; Schwarz, P.; Winkler, F.

IEEE Computer Society:
European Design and Test Conference, ED&TC 1997
Los Alamitos, Calif.: IEEE Computer Society Press, 1997
ISBN: 0-8186-7786-4
ISBN: 0-8186-7788-0
European Design and Test Conference (ED&TC) <1997, Paris>
Fraunhofer IIS, Institutsteil Entwurfsautomatisierung (EAS) ()
microsystem; simulator coupling; Simulation

The microsystem design process is characterized by interdisciplinary approaches and close interactions between different domains. A methodology for simulating the performance of complex microsystems using simulator coupling is presented. The technique is based on the coupling of the FEM program ANSYS with the circuit and system simulator SABER. In difference to other known simulator couplings a time step algorithm is employed. Its methodology is reported and the implementation into simulation tools is explained. The system simulations of an accelerometer sensor system as well as the simulation of a thermal interaction in integrated circuits prove the suitability of the coupling. Finally, simulation results are discussed and advantages of the implemented coupling are concluded.