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Ultra precision machining of micro components

: Weck, M.; Wenzel, C.

Blunt, L. ; European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology -EUSPEN-:
Challenges for the precision and nano technologies : Proceedings of the euspen International Seminar locally hosted at the University of Huddersfield, UK, February 2002
Huddersfield, 2002
ISBN: 1-86194-081-5
International Seminar on Challenges for the Precision and Nano Technologies <2002, Huddersfield>
Fraunhofer IPT ()
microtechnology; application; tool machine; defined and undefined cutter

Microtechnology, regarded as one of the interdisciplinary key technologies of the 21st century, encompasses a broad range of applications, from highly integrated mechanical and electrical systems with dimensions in the micrometre range to macroscopic elements with special properties thanks to their surface structure. Nowaday the various scopes of microtechnology require the enclosing interaction of tools with the highest accuracy, of so-called ultra-precision machines and of state of the art metrology. Depending on the materials to be processed and the 3D specifications required, different technologies may be employed. Brittle materials call mainly for grinding or polishing processes, non-ferrous metals, plastics and infrared spectroscopy crystals are usually cut by turning, milling or planing. Microcutting allows reproduction of three-dimensional structures, with surface details and precision on a submicron scale. Ultra-precision machining allows cheap serial production of micro structured elements and prototypes or tools with optically smooth surfaces for galvanic modelling, injection moulding or hot embossing.