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Efficient automated testing of cryptographic protocols

: Gürgens, S.; Peralta, R.

urn:nbn:de:0011-b-732664 (193 KByte PDF)
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Erstellt am: 07.08.2002

Sankt Augustin: GMD Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik, 1998, 17 S.
GMD Report, 45
Bericht, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer SIT ()
authentication protocol; security analysis; automatic theorem proving; cryptographic protocol; model checking; cryptography; formal model; protocol

We present a search method for detecting potential security flaws in cryptographic protocols. The method can find flaws which are inherent in the design of the protocol as well as flaws arising from the particular implementation of the protocol. The latter possibility arises from the fact that there is no universally accepted standard for describing either the cryptographic protocols themselves or their implementation. Thus, security can (and in practice does) depend on decisions made by the implementer, who may not have the necessary expertise. Our method relies on automatic theorem proving tools. Specifically, we used "Otter", an automatic theorem proving software developed at Argonne National Laboratories.