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IMS Project SYMPHONY: On the management of knowledge-based, adaptive organisations in the knowledge-driven economy

: Kemp, J.; Roth, N.; Prieto, J.; Meier, C.; Affolter, I.; Brouyere, L.; Hartmann, M.; Staedtler, P.

Edin, M.:
E-Business and E-Work 2001. Conference and Exhibition. CD-ROM : 17-19 October 2001
Pessac Cedex, France: Adera Service, 2001
eBusiness and eWork Conference (e2001) <2001, Venice>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

The IMS project SYMPHONY aims at equipping its target group, consisting of high-tech or service oriented companies with high-information part in their value chain including start-ups, SMEs and modular units of large companies, with a systemic and dynamic management methodology with modular and integrated methods and tools supporting them in their two main management concerns: (1) management of responsiveness and adaptation in a dynamic environment; (2) management of growth and leveraging of capabilities.
This paper specifically addresses the current economical environment