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Towards the extended user oriented shoe enterprise

Enabling IT for process management of mass customization
: Bullinger, H.-J.; Wagner, F.; Kürümlüoglu, M.; Bröcker, A.

Tseng, M.M.:
World Congress on Mass Customization 2001. CD-ROM : 1.-2. Oktober 2001, Hongkong, China
Hongkong, 2001
World Congress on Mass Customization <2001, Hongkong>
Fraunhofer IAO ()
Mass Customization

Transformation from mass produced goods to mass customized ones is challenging but in some branches inescapable. Such a radical change in nature of production forces a complete revision of the processes and IT-systems that support the various phases of the product life cycle. EUROShoE is the first project putting this change into practice for the European shoe industry. The definition and the modelling of the mechanisms for an Extended Mass Customizing Enterprise (marketing, sales, logistic, production, administration, etc.) play a central role to redefine the processes involved in the product life cycles (design, production, distribution, and dismissal). Here the transformation from manufacturing of mass produced shoes to production of customized (customer oriented) ones, requires a thorough revision of the processes. In connection to the new processes of the Extended User Oriented Shoe Enterprise, (new) appropriate IT-systems have to be selected and implemented.