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Usability of computer-based ergonomy checklists for the interior automotive design

: Bauer, W.; Dangelmaier, M.; Widlroither, H.

Karwowski, W.:
International Conference on Computer-Aided Ergonomics and Safety CAES 2001. Proceedings. CD-ROM
Maui, Hawaii, 2001
ISBN: 84-931134-7-6
7 S.
International Conference on Computer-Aided Ergonomics and Safety (CAES) <2001, Maui/Hawaii>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Checklists are well-known tools to proof the ergonomic quality of a design. In recent years checklist-based evaluation tools have been developed for the use in the automotive interior. However validity, objectivity, reliability, and sensivity of such tools have not been investigated yet. Hence the evaluation tool AutoErgo was tested with respect to those quality criteria. Reliability tests with five inexperienced users showed good reproducibility of the ratings (81 % of items were rated identically). Six vehicles were evaluated with AutoErgo. It could be shown that the tool is sensitive to ergonomic deficits. It also proved to be able to verify significant differences in ergonomic quality between car models. However subjective effects were found in reliability tests. They are small in the case of AutoErgo but nevertheless statistically significant. Thus it is suggested to always verify the objectivity of ergonomic checklist tools before using them in practice.