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Office 21: Inventing an interactive creativity landscape

: Bauer, W.; Haner, U.-E.; Rieck, A.

Stephanidis, C.:
HCI International 2001. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Vol. 3 : Universal Access in HCI: Towards an Information Society for All
Mahwah/NJ.: Erlbaum, 2001 (Human Factors and Ergonomics)
ISBN: 0-8058-3609-8
International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI International) <9, 2001, New Orleans/La.>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Future information technology will allow mobile use of real time simulations and visualizations. If one is able to carry this kind of powerful and highly networked technology almost anywhere, why will there still be a need for an office (building) in the future? The answer is knowledge and creativity.
In the OFFICE 21 Interactive Creativity Landscape currently an office installation is being developed which targets the users' creativity and knowledge deployment. The landscape consists of three different zones. Each serves as support for a special phase in the creativity process. A sustainable increase of creativity and intelligence is only possible with a personalized, but simultaneously always changing environment. In this lab it is possible to demonstrate all needs for training a knowledge worker's brain.
This article presents the key ingredients of. the OFFICE 21 Interactive Creativity Landscape.