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Virtual cutting of anatomical structures

: Voß, G.; Hahn, J.K.; Müller, W.; Lindemann, R.

Westwood, J.D.:
Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 1999. Proceedings : The Convergence of Physical and Informational Technologies: Options for a New Era in Healthcare
Amsterdam: IOS Press, 1999 (Studies in health technology and informatics 62)
ISBN: 4-274-90273-0
ISBN: 90-5199-445-1
Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference (MMVR) <7, 1999, San Francisco/Calif.>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
surgical training; medical training simulator; Preoperative planning; Virtual Reality in Medicine

In the context of medicine cutting is one of the most important operations. Many surgical tasks start with an incision, allowing the surgeon to access the region of interest, using either conventional or minimal invasive surgery techniques. The work presented herein should be seen in the context of surgical training and preoperative planning using computer assisted medical simulation systems. The main result of this work is teh proposed cutting algorithm based on predefined templates. To integrate this approach in the existing surgical training simulator and to handle additional tasks like soft tissue deformation, needed by the medical environment, a generic simulation framework was developed. This framework is able to utilize given multiprocessor- and network-environments to achieve the desired realtime interactivity.