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Role based human resource planning to enhance software process improvement

: Frings, S.; Weisbecker, A.

Thorbergsson, H.:
Views on software development in the new millenium. An International Conference on Solving Problems in Software Process Improvement and Quality. Conference proceedings
Reykjavik: Univ. of Iceland, Systems Engineering Laboratory, 2000
International Conference on Solving Problems in Software Process Improvement and Quality <2000, Reykjavik>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

The lack of transparency of activities to be carried out by software development personnel and the lack of transparency of their skills within the company, and most importantly insufficient project planning are among the problems which will be covered at this conference. And those problems can be dealt with using the innovative approach described in this paper. Our approach to support the improvement of software processes has two main focuses. On the one hand a role model was developed to define a set of roles for the whole software development cycle using technical, methodical, social and media competencies and declaring degrees of qualification necessary to fill a role. On the other hand the process of planning a project has been enhanced. A future project is analysed and defined by project characteristics. These project characteristics demand certain employees' skills which can be mapped to the skills defined for the roles and therefore roles necessary for the project can be derived. We can now select the most suited employee for the role and hereby have an applicable mechanism to select the members of a project team. Furthermore the activities assigned to a role are defined already in the project planning phase and most importantly these activities and the skills are transparent to all project team members and actually to the whole company. Besides this, necessary training demands can easily be determined.