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Conceptualisation of the human-machine interface of an integrated driver monitoring and emergency handling system

: Bekiaris, E.; Dangelmaier, M.

ITS journal 5 (2000), S.279-291
ISSN: 1024-8072
Fraunhofer IAO ()
HMI; Conceptualisation; driver monitoring

This paper describes the conceptualisation of the in-car HMI of a driver monitoring and emergency handling system within the European Union Transport Telematics project SAVE (TR 1047). An integrated Rapid Prototyping approach using product scenarios and computer demonstration/simulation of the HMI has been applied. Expert and user tests with the demonstrator/simulator have been performed and valuable hints for the optimisation of the HMI concept have been derived. Principle problems of the HMI design of SAVE type systems have been identified. The approach has proved to be useful in the conceptualisation of the HMI of in-car telematic systems. Due to a restricted correspondence of computer simulation and reality, additional testing in driving simulators and demonstrator cars is required.