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Integration of heterogeneous knowledge in adaptable development networks

: Warschat, J.; Wagner, K.

Oliver, S.:
Safety: Crashworthiness, mobility, occupant safety. Automotive interiors: Materials, ergonomics, manufacturing, ICE and comfort
Epsom: ISATA-Düsseldorf Trade Fair, 2000 (Automotive and transportation technology. International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation 2000)
ISBN: 1-902856-10-4
International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation (ISATA) <33, 2000, Dublin>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

The identification of market opportunities and their cost-efficient realisation in terms of technical innovations within a reasonably short time frame is an essential factor of small and medium sized. enterprises (SME) to maintain their position on today's international market. Adaptable development networks in industrial district structures can be seen as an appropriate opportunity to handle these aspects as they provide a robust organisational form offering advantages in efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. Apart from the difficulties to select a suitable form of co-operation especially the fast and efficient integration of the heterogeneous knowledge of the development partners is hereby of major importance. Within several projects it is thus the aim to define co-operation models taking especially the integration of the heterogeneous knowledge into consideration. This will enable SME's to become and to stay innovative and flexible, especially in terms of participation and empowerment of their workforce, which is an essential condition for the prosperity of SME's within industrial districts.