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Cell structures in tree rings: Novel methods for preparation and image analysis of large cross sections

: Spiecker, H.; Schinker, M.G.; Hansen, J.; Park, Y.-I.; Ebding, T.; Döll, W.

IAWA journal 21 (2000), Nr.3, S.361-373
ISSN: 0928-1541
Fraunhofer IWM ()
preparation methods; ultra-precise diamond flycutter; image analysis; reflected-light microscopy; tree ring; cell structure; Picea abies; Quercus; dendrochronology; dendroecology

A new method for the preparation of wood samples for high-resolution reflected-light microscopy in combination with a species-specific image analysis system is introduced. The method is based on an ultraprecise single-point diamond flycutter equipped with air bearings and functions on the basis of a rotating diamond edge. Extensive and very smooth surfaces can be produced on increment cores as well as entire cross sections. Hence, this technique provides the prerequisites for a continuous microscopic analysis across large tree-ring sequences, or entire cross sections. Patching or sub-sectioning is not required. The high-resolution analysis of cell structures of spruce and oak presented here introduces new approaches for describing and predicting reactions of diameter growth to various environmental events.