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Autonomous manipulator control in open environments

: Richter, G.

St.Augustin: GMD, 1997
REFLEX Report, 1997,5
German Workshop on Artificial Life (GWAL) <2, 1997, Dortmund>
Fraunhofer AIS ( IAIS) ()

This is a collection of research topics and questions referring to the autonomous control of physical robots with sensors and manipulators operating in open environments. The topics are grouped into three groups: (i) application point of view: Do we need or want skillful manipulation executed by autonomous or semi-autonomous machines? (ii) artificial-life point of view: What kind of manipulative skills of natural creatures -- what kind of control in living bodies or societies can provide us with inspiration? (iii) engineering point of view: What can we learn from nature about the design and construction of skillful autonomous manipulation systems? How can we relate it with technical approaches to autonomous control of arms and hands with many degrees of freedom?