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Protocol performance measurements in a heterogeneous network environment

: Fan, C.; Ruppelt, R.


Performance evaluation 22 (1995), Nr.3, S.279-301
ISSN: 0166-5316
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()
performance of system; computer communication network; network protocol; input/output and data communication; performance analysis and design aid

Reported are comparisons of TCP-, XTP1- and UDP throughout measurements over an ATM inhouse network, the STM based part of the BERKOM2 B-ISDN and a CSMA/CD LAN. The impact of concurrent processes on the throughput performance was observed. XTP has been found to perform as well as and in some situations better that TCP/IP. Both XTP and TCP achieved about 8 Mb/s over Ethernet (ftp ~ 8.7 Mb/s) and more than 17 Mb/s over a 140 Mb/s STM-channel of the BERKOM B-ISDN network (ftp up to 16 Mb/s). TCP/IP throughput performance on the basis of the latest Fore ATM system release available (SBA200 series) revealed a substantial increase in performance compared to previous releases of the Fore ATM network adapter. Experiments have shown that average throughput rates of up to 59 Mb/s are achievable with a SPARCstation 10 based ATM endsystem.