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: Bredenfeld, A.; Becanovic, V.; Christaller, T.; Günther, H.; Indiveri, G.H.; Kobialka, H.-U.; Plöger, P.-G.; Schöll, P.


Birk, A.:
Robot Soccer World Cup V. RoboCup 2001
Wien/Heidelberg: Springer, 2002 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2377)
ISBN: 3-540-43912-9
ISSN: 0302-9743
Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences (RoboCup) <5, 2001, Seattle/Wash.>
Fraunhofer AIS ( IAIS) ()
mobile robot; RoboCup; middle-size league team; robot control; development process; fast robot platform; integrated design environment; dynamic environment; team

The overall research goal of our RoboCup middle-size league team is to increase both the controlled speed of mobile robots acting as a team in dynamic environments and the speed of the development process for robot control systems. Therefore, we started in 1998 to develop a proprietary fast robot platform and in parallel the development of an integrated design environment. This team description gives some details on the current state of our hardware platform (September 2001), the control software architecture we use and the design environment we constructed to specify, simulate, run and test our robots. In addition, we point our some specific skills of our robots.