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Disassembly and Recycling: Viewpoint

Demontage und Recycling: Standpunkt
: Rupprecht, R.

Industrial Robot 23 (1996), No.3, pp.4
ISSN: 0143-991X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Abfallwirtschaft; Automatisierung; Demontage; design for recycling; disassembly; Life-Cycle-Engineering; Produktgestaltung; recycling

The increasing amount of waste in Western Europe is becoming more and more an issue of high importance. In consequence, many countries' legislation becomes stricter heading towards life. Cycle-engineering that involves product recycling as well as waste management. Clean production as well as clean products may in the future be a decisive sales argument. Utilizing the latest manufacturing technologies at the end of the life-cycle for recycling seems to be the best approach in coping with one of the major problems in modern societies - waste management.