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Direktes Substratbonden

Direct substrate bonding
: Quenzer, H.J.; Benecke, W.

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DE 1991-4115046 A: 19910508
DE 1991-4115046 A: 19910508
EP 1992-909291 AW: 19920508
DE 4115046 C2: 19930805
EP 585256 A: 19940309
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The description relates to a process for the production of a permanent, surface connection between two highly polished wafers, of which at least one consists of a semiconductive material, e.g. silicon, by means of an interlayer. The process according to the invention is characterized by the combination of the following process steps: 1. Application of a liquid film comprising an aqueous solution of silicates, e.g. sodium silicate, or of phosphates, e.g. aluminium phosphate, to the surface of at least one wafer, 2. Joining of at least the one side to the wafer surface bearing the liquid film, 3) Tempering the wafer arrangement at temperatures under 420C.