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Directivity pattern of a cantilever plate. Comparison of numerical results with experimental data

: Homm, A.; Bartels, F.; Estorff, O. von

Prediction of the noise emitted by vibrating structures
11 pp. : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
CETIM <1991, Senlis>
Conference Paper
Forschungsgruppe Hydroakustik; 1992
aluminium; Boundary-Element-Methode; Eigenfrequenz; Eigenschwingung; experiment; Finite-Elemente-Methode (FEM); Knotenlinie; Körperschall; mechanische Schwingung; Platte; Reziprozitätsmethode; Richtcharakteristik

For a cantilever aluminium plate, the vibration modes were investigated experimentally by means of the Chladni method and numerically with the FE-method (NASTRAN). The sound radiation of three selected eigenfrequencies was determined by the reciprocity method and was calculated with a coupled FEM/BEM-approach. The comparison of the experimental and numerical results shows excellent agreement.