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Direct measurement of poisson's ratio in elastomers.

Direkte Messung der Poisson-Zahl in Elastomeren
: Stemmle, C.; Kugler, H.-P.; Stacer, R.G.

Rubber Chemistry and Technology 63 (1990), pp.473-487
ISSN: 0035-9475
Meeting of the Rubber Division <1989, Detroit/Mich.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ICT ()
axial strain; direct measurement; elastomer; filled elastomer; lateral contraction; optoelectronic system; poisson's ratio; solid propellant; strain rate; stress relaxation

Poisson's ratio has been measured in a series of filled elastomers using a novel optoelectronic system. Relative precision of this measurement was found to be approximately 0.7% at 1% strain for this family of materials. The largest contributing error source was determined to be the tolerances that could be obtained in machining the surfaces of the test specimens. As a result of these errors, only three significant for Poisson's ratio can be achived using this measurement approach. Material property tests conducted included constant strain rate and stress relaxation. Constant strain-rate results were used for general characterization, while the stress-relaxation data were employed to investigate time-dependent aspects of Poisson's ratio.