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Diodenlaser-Oszillator oder- Verstaerker mit wenigstens einer lichtleitenden Halbleiterschicht

Laser diode oscillator or amplifier - has conducting layer with greater refractive index than that of encapsulated semiconductor material with symmetric region formed having zero percent aluminium content.
: Mikulla, M.; Chazan, P.

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DE 1997-19717571 A: 19970425
DE 1997-19717571 A: 19970425
DE 19717571 A1: 19981029
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The laser diode oscillator has an InAlGaAs structure with the aluminium structure formed on top on a GaAs substrate. The conducting semiconductor layer (LH) has a thickness of one micron on both sides. This provides a refractive index that is greater than that of the semiconductor material that is covered. A symmetric region (1) is formed that has a zero percent aluminium content and is within a quantum wave structure (2). USE - Solid state laser systems for material processing, eg cutting, welding or medical applications. ADVANTAGE - Improved beam quality for high power.