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Digitales Codierverfahren

Digital coding method
: Grill, B.; Kuerten, B.; Eberlein, E.; Sporer, T.; Seitzer, D.; Brandenburg, K.

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A description is given of a digital coding process for the transmission and/or storage of audible signals and, in particular, of music signals. Sampling values of the audible signal are transformed into spectral coefficients, which are quantized and encoded by an optimum encoder. For reproduction purposes, the signal is decoded and re-transformed. According to the invention, a feature of this process is that use is made of an encoder in the known manner. The output probability of the quantized spectral coefficient is correlated with the length of the code in such a way that the codeword becomes shorter as the output frequency of the spectral coefficient increases (so-called Huffmann code) and such that a codeword is assigned directly to a subband of values, in order to reduce the size of the codebook in the encoder, and such that a common identification and special code are assigned to values outside this subband.