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Dielectric gassensors based on heteropolysiloxanes

Dielektrische Gassensoren auf der Basis von Heteropolysiloxanen
: Obermeier, E.; Drost, S.; Endres, H.-E.

Eurosensors II. Book of Abstracts
Eurosensors <4, 1988, Enschede>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IFT; 2000 dem IZM eingegliedert
Dielektrikum; gassensor; Heteropolysiloxan; Sensorik; Silikat(organisch modifiziert)

The adsorption of gases can change the dielectric properties (permittivity and conductivity) of insulator. Dielectric gas-sensors use this effect for the direct measurement of gas-concentrations. Adsorbing materials: Useful adsorbing materials for gasadsorption are organically modified silicates (heteropolysiloxanes). Sensor device: The sensor device is an interdigitated, thin film capacitor on a silica-glass substrate. These devices were coated with a thin heteropolysiloxane film using a spin-on-process. Results: The sensors show a relatively high sensitivity towards NH3, SO2 and NO2 (Delta C/Co=0,03 (1 v% NH3), Delta C/Co=0,03 (1 v% SO2), Delta C/Co=0,13 (1 v% NO2)). No sensor-signal was found towards CO, CH4 and CO2. (IFT)