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Diebstahlsicherung fuer Fahrzeuge in Parkhaeusern

Anti-theft device for motor vehicles in multi-storey car parks
: Wagner, T.; Bauer, N.; Eisermann, A.

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DE 1994-4413671 A1: 19940420
DE 1995-19505052 A: 19950215
DE 19505052 C2: 19970313
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a process for the detection of motor vehicles and a device which is suitable for performing said process. The process and the device can be used in preference as an anti-theft device in multi-storey car parks in order to prevent the departure of motor vehicles which intend to exit with an object other than the parking ticket (or any other identifying object) with which they entered into the restricted area (parking zone or multi-storey car park). The invention is based on the problem of providing increased security for the motor vehicles parked in the car park area. It is intended to make a theft more difficult or even totally impossible. This is achieved by means of a process for the detection of motor vehicles (1, X), in particular at the exit from a secured or restricted area such as a parking zone or a multi-storey car park, by which the engine noise (M1) of the vehicle (1) entering the area (v<-e) is detected (11e) and stored (recorded) and that the stored engine noise (M1) is compared with the engine noise (Mx) of a or the vehicle (X, 1) which supposedly (P, 13a) coincides with the motor vehicle (1) whose engine noise (M1) was recorded on entry (v<-e) and which is intending (P) to exit (v<-a).