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Diamond body for thermal contacting heat source(s) for efficient heat dissipation of semiconductor power modules - contains longitudinal recesses angularly extending w.r.t. mechanical stresses thermally induced by heat source(s).
: Koidl, P.; Wild, C.; Wörner, E.

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DE 1997-19701680 A: 19970118
DE 1997-19701680 A: 19970118
DE 19701680 C2: 20010802
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The diamond body (12) contains at least one longitudinal recess (13,15), extending at an angle to mechanical stresses induced by coupling to each heat source (30). Pref. a number of recesses extend obliquely to a heat flow direction induced by at least one heat source and/or heat sink. The number of the recesses may be so aligned w.r.t. each heat source and/or heat sink that the alignment angles to the mechanical stresses are larger than those to the heat flow directions. Typically the recesses are aligned orthogonally to the mechanical stresses. ADVANTAGE - Reduced danger of connection loosening or diamond body destruction by thermally induced mechanical stresses.