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Development of an Adaptive Simulation System

: Westkämper, E.; Pirron, J.; Schmidt, T.

Production Engineering. Research and development in Germany. Annals of the German Academic Society for Production Engineering 4 (1997), No.1, pp.95-98
ISSN: 0944-6524
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Fertigung; Lernen; machine learning; Produktionsmanagement; simulation; Werkzeugmaschine

The use of simulation technology as a tool for planning and control is of increasing significance in most fields or production. The main part of the expenditure concerning simulation analysis is the modeling of the considered production. Despite the use of modern building block-oriented modeling technology, this modeling can often not be done by the user, but only by external experts. This problem is exacerbated in the case of operation-accompanying simulation applications. Here, continuous maintenance of the simulation model that exceeds the phase of model building is necessary in order to take into account recent changes in real production. Against this backdrop, an adaptive simulation system is being developed by the Institute for Industrial Manufacturing and Management (IFF) at the University of Stuttgart. It independently adapts to real production processes and, in this way, supports the user in constructing and maintaining the model. In terms of information technology, the resear ch in the field of artificial intelligence, expecially in the subdomain of machine learning, is the basis for the realization of such adaptive systems.