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Development of a Mail-Order Robot Palletizing System with Flexible Gripper

: Schraft, R.D.; Volz, H.

Simpozion National de Roboti Industriali - Band 1
Timischoara, Rumänien: MIRTON, 1994
Simpozion National de Roboti Industriali <12, 1994, Timischoara>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Flexibilität; Greifer (Fernbedienung); gripper; Paket (Versand); palettieren; Palettiersystem; Post; Roboter

The paper describes a solution to the problem of palletizing parcels of various sizes for a mail-order company. IPA built up a prototype installation to test the real case. The tests with the prototype installation show that the palletizing system works more efficient than workers do today. The whole system consists of a two meter parcel-buffer in front of the industrial robot (ABB IRB 6000), a robot control unit, a vision system to detect the parcels dimensions, a new developed gripper system and a PC serving as cell controler. The system can therefore substitute any manual palletizing station. The most important part to maintained is the fast on-line palletizing algorithm and the flexible gripper system. We reach an average filling rate of about 75% which is an improvment in comparison to the manuel solution.