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Detonation products of cast high explosives

: Volk, F.

Illinois Institute of Technology -IIT-, Chicago/Ill.:
13th International Pyrotechnics Seminar '88. Proceedings
Chicago/Ill., 1988
International Pyrotechnics Seminar <13, 1988, Grand Junction/Colo.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ICT ()
aluminium; aluminiumreaktion; Composit; composition B; Computerprogramm; detonation; detonationswärme; Empfindlichkeit; high-explosive; Hochleistungssprengstoff; insensitive; Massenspektrometrie; PBX; Reaktionsprodukt; Schwaden; sensitive; Sprengkessel; Sprengstoff; TATB; TNT

High explosive charges containing TNT, Comp. B, PBXN-106, TNT/TATB and the aluminium containing charges TNT/AN/Al, Comp. B/Al and a PBX high explosive with polyurethane binder, RDX, AP and Al have been initiated in a containment of 1,5 cbm in Argon atmosphere. The gaseous and solid products were analyzed by mass spectrometry and other techniques. From the reaction products, the completeness of the Al reaction under different conditions was evaluated. Also the heat of detonation was calculated from the heat of formation of the products and the components of the explosive charges. The method described is suitable for studying the reaction behaviour of components in composite explosives especially of less sensitive high explosives.