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Determination of band-edge offset by weak field hall measurement on MBE PbSe/PbEuSe multi-quantum well structures on KCl

Bandsprünge von PbSe/PbEuSe MBE-Multiquantentrögen auf KCl aus Messung des Halleffekt in Schwachen Feldern
: Shi, Z.; Lambrecht, A.; Tacke, M.


Solid-State Electronics 37 (1994), No.4-6, pp.1113-1116 : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
ISSN: 0038-1101
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPM ()
Halbleiter; heterojunction; Heterostruktur; semiconductor

Weak field hall effect measurements between 34 and 300 K were applied to three PbSe/PbEuSe (Eg(PbEuSe) = 440 meV at 300 K) MQW samples on KCl. By calculating the quasi-Fermi energy levels the temperature dependent band-edge offsets were determined. The valence band offset Delta E gamma was found to be 65 meV at 34 K with a positive temperature coefficient of 0.68 meV/K. Thus Delta E gamma = 43 + 0.68 T(meV) is suggested.