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Detection of concentration profiles during PAVCD in an industrial reactor

: Morlok, O.; Kampschulte, G.; Markschläger, P.

Hecht, G. ; Societe Francaise du Vide -SFV-, Paris; Deutsche Vakuum-Gesellschaft:
Thin Films. Proceedings of the joint 4th International Symposium on Trends and New Applications in Thin Films TATF '94 and the 11th Conference on High Vacuum, Interfaces and Thin Films HVITF '94
Oberursel: DGM-Informationsgesellschaft, 1994
ISBN: 3-88355-199-6
International Symposium on Trends and New Applications in Thin Films (TATF) <4, 1994, Dresden>
Conference on High Vacuum, Interfaces and Thin Films (HVITF) <11, 1994, Dresden>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Beschichtung; chemische Beschichtung; PACVD; plasma; plasmaassisted chemical vapour deposition; Spektrometrie; TiN/TiC; Vakuumbeschichten; Vakuumtechnik

The low temperature deposition process of TiN/TiC from TiCI4 is well known in small chambers, and detailed descriptions of the reactions are still given. In small chambers the deposition of hard coatings on workpieces works without problems. Its another thing to do the deposition of TiN/TiC with the PACVD-process in a vacuum chamber with industrial dimensions (e.g. 700 diameter, 1200 high). In this case neither a bigger tool (e.g. forging die) nor a lot of small tools (e.g. valves) are coated successfully until now. One of the reasons is the missing comprehension of the gasstreams and the resulting reactions. The optical emission spectroscopy (OES) is a well-tried tool for investigations of the discharge at the PACVD-process. In this study the optical emission were investigated with a handling system (manipulator), which can be moved inside a bigger vacuum chamber, so that a spatially resolved change of the species intensities can be detected. With the measurement information of the r eactions at local places in the chamber are given. The handling system will be introduced and first results of the measurements were presented.