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Designing methods to obtain a less contaminated air-flow at the product level

: Schließer, J.

Institute of Environmental Sciences -IES-, Mt. Prospect/Ill.:
Education for technical excellence. 40th Annual Technical Meeting. Vol.1: Contamination control, Symposium on Minienvironments, Symposium on Biocontamination Control
Mount Prospect, Ill.: IES, 1994
ISBN: 1-87786-244-4
ISBN: 1-87786-245-2
Institute of Environmental Sciences (Annual Technical Meeting) <40, 1994, Chicago/Ill.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
airflow; design; Kontamination; Luftströmung; minienvironment; Reinraum

The air-filter technology available on the market easily fulfills today's requirements. Until now, production facilities have been provided with a simple encapsulation, either in connection with a cleanroom ceiling, or with their own air-purification system. The encapsulation often consists of simple wall units with access for maintenance. However, the optimal air-flow around the product cannot be achieved with this method. Turbulence is created by such simple encapsulation systems, forming dust-accumulating areas, stagnant air and dead zone areas at processing level. Thus the risk of partical contamination on the product surface is considerably increased. The paper shows ground rules for minienvironment constructions to obtain a less contaminated air-flow at the product level.