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Design methodology in knowledge-based design systems

: Lehmann, C.M.; Schlingheider, J.; Krause, F.-L.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers -SME-, Dearborn/Mich.:
International Conference on Manufacturing Systems and Environment. Proceedings
Dearborn/Mich., 1990
International Conference on Manufacturing Systems and Environment <1990, Tokyo>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Computer Aided Design (CAD); computer support; design methodology; knowledge-processing

Knowledge-based systems, reinforced through research and development, are penetrating industrial areas of application. Meanwhile they have successfully proven their practical applicability for certain fields of operation. To enlarge the computer support in the design area, it is necessary to develop a CAD methodology, which makes the work with CAD systems more effective. Computer supported knowledge processing opens a new class of solutions for design which did not seem to be achievable with the conventional systems available up to now.