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Densification, microstructure and properties of SiCN-nanocomposites


Duran, P.; Fernandez, J.F. ; European Ceramic Society:
Third Euro-Ceramics 1993. Proceedings of the Third European Ceramic Society Conference. Vol.3: Engineering ceramics
Castellon de la Plana: Faenza Editrice Iberica, 1993
ISBN: 84-87683-07-X
Euro-Ceramics (ECerS) <3, 1993, Madrid>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
creep; Kriechen; mechanical property; mechanische Eigenschaft; microstructure; Mikrostruktur; nanocomposite; Nanokomposit; powder property; Pulvereigenschaft; Siliciumkarbid; Siliciumnitrid; silicon carbide; silicon nitride; sintering; Sintern

The densification process via hot pressing and gaspressure sintering, microstructure and the mechanical properties of SiCN-nanocomposites fabricated from powders produced by plasmasynthesis and the thermal decomposition of SiCN-precursors are discussed. In the case of a free carbon content in the initial powder of more than 1 percent the densification behaviour and properties of the finaly obtained materials were found degradated. The microstructure is influenced considerably by the powder properties and the densification cycle. Correlations are given between the powder properties and the densification, microstructure and mechanical properties of the materials.