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Defect reconstruction by non-destructive analyzing methods as basis for fracture mechanical evaluation

Fehlerrekonstruktion mit zerstörungsfreien Analysemethoden als Basis für eine bruchmechanische Bewertung
: Müller, W.

Nuclear Energy Agency -NEA-, Brussels:
The Complementary roles of fracture mechanics and non-destructive examination in the safety assessment of components
Paris, 1988
Workshop for the Complementary Roles of Fracture Mechanics and Non-Destructive Examination in the Safety Assessment of Components <1988, Würenlingen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
Abbildungsverfahren; ALOK; defect analysis; defect characterization; defect classification; defect sizing; Fehleranalyse; Fehlerbeschreibung; Fehlergrößenbestimmung; Fehlerklassierung; imaging; phased array; reconstruction; Rekonstruktionsverfahren; SAFT; Ultraschallholographie; Ultrasonic holography

Advanced ultrasonic inspection techniques analyze the defects performing a reconstruction which results in an image or the defects. A characterization of the defects is possible including a classification into cracklike or globular, a describtion of the position of a defect with respect to the surface its size in all direction an d possibly orientation. These ar parameters of high interest for fracture mechanic evaluation. At the IzfP several competitive analyzing techniques were developed. They include AOLK (Amplitude and Transit-Time Locus Curves), Sector scan and compound scan using phased arrays, Ultrasonic holography, SAFT (Synthetic Aperutre Focussing Technique). All of them result in a resonstructed image of reflectors inside the material. An overview is given over the state of the art of these techniques showing examples for different defects.