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Data models and information technology for the production of prototypes

: Steger, W.; Geiger, M.; Haller, T.

Univ. Dayton, Rapid Prototype Development Laboratory:
4th International Conference on Rapid Prototyping '93. Proceedings
Dayton/Ohio, 1993
International Conference on Rapid Prototyping <4, 1993, Dayton/Ohio>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Computer Aided Design (CAD); CAM; Informationssystem; Prototyp; STEP

This paper gives an overview of the present status and requirements of information flow in the production of prototypes. Proposals for future information technology and the integration of Rapid Prototyping (RP) systems in the whole production process will be presented. A survey of German companies is introduced which shows the current state with regard to the production of prototypes, CAD/CAM systems, data models and exchange of information. Benefits from the installation of RP systems depends, among other things, on the expenditure (costs and labour) necessary to integrate them into existing production processes and information networks. The increasing significance of information is generally acknowledged. Therefore production systems and processes should be designed while considering the reduction of redundant data. One goal of the present global developments of the common, object oriented data model "Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data" (STEP) is this reduction. Yet the transfer of data into RP systems is so far based on special data formats (mainly STL). So an additional data format in the CAD/CAM area has been created. A comparison of CAD/CAM systems and data models used in industry with the information technology in RP and with the developments in STEP builds the base for proposals of future developments in RP information technology. Capabilities, opportunities and expenditure to use STEP will be discussed.