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Cutting fluids in grinding of advanced ceramics

: Spur, G.; Brücher, T.

Technical papers of the North American manufacturing research institution of SME 1995
ISBN: 0-87263-462-0
North American Manufacturing Research Conference <23, 1995, Houghton/Mich.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
advanced ceramics; cutting fluid; grinding; Keramik; Kühlschmierstoff; Schleifen

Due to the call for a better environment and health compatibility of production processes, cutting fluids are getting more and more important in grinding. Thus, technological as well as ecological and physiological aspects have to be taken into account, when an appropriate cutting fluid is chosen. The influence of various cutting fluids on the basic material removal and grinding wheel wear mechanisms and the resultant process and parameters are analyzed for the grinding of advanced ceramics. Moreover, in order to fit the ecological and physiological, as well as the technological requirements, the cutting fluid selection is assessed in view of a number of relevant criteria. As a second approach for an ecological and physiological compatible grinding process results for dry grinding of advanced ceramics are presented.