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Cutting-edge quality improvements through geometrical modelling

: Henning, A.; Anders, S.

Louis, H. ; BHR Group, Cranfield/Bedford:
Jetting Technology 1998
London, UK: Professional Engineering Publishing, 1998 (BHR Group Conference Series 32)
ISBN: 1-86058-140-4
International Conference on Jetting Technology <14, 1998, Brügge>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Geometrische Form; Wasserstrahlschneiden; Wasserstrahltechnik

This paper presents a new approach to three dimensional modeling for abrasive water jetting operation. On the basis of phenomenal analysis of the actual taper of the kerf a volumetric jet shape model is derived. This new introduced model shows high conformity with empirical data by qualitative and quantitative means. Even in simulation of critical situations such as corners or curves the jet shape model does replicate the special critical effects. This model can be used as a basis for waterjet specific computer aided manufacturing systems. Here with the implementation of machining strategies valuable time can be saved through off-line programming and both cutting edge quality and performance of the cut can be improved.