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Verbesserte strukturiert-funktionale Bindematrices fuer Biomolekuele

Functional element, useful e.g. for analyte detection and controlling cell growth, comprises nanoparticles immobilized on a surface and having specific-binding properties.
: Weber, A.; Schiestel, T.; Tovar, G.; Brunner, H.

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DE 2001-10164309 A: 20011228
DE 2001-10164309 A: 20011228
WO 2002-EP14769 A: 20021227
DE 10164309 A1: 20030710
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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft Funktionselemente, die auf einem Traeger angeordnete, biofunktionalisierte Nanopartikel enthaltende Mikrostrukturen umfassen, Verfahren zur Herstellung dieser Funktionselemente sowie die Verwendung derselben.


WO2003056336 A UPAB: 20030813 NOVELTY - Functional element (A) comprises a carrier having a surface and at least one microstructure (MS), on the surface, where MS consists of individual nanoparticles (NP) which exhibit molecule-specific recognition sites (X) that make MS addressable. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for preparation of (A) by applying to the carrier surface first a layer of at least one binding agent and then NP. USE - (A) are useful: (i) in detection processes (mass spectrometry, fluorescence or UV/vis spectrometry, fluorescent or light microscopy, wave-guide or impedance spectrometry and other electrical methods); (ii) for controlling adhesion and growth of cells; (iii) for detection/isolation of biomolecules, e.g. interacting proteins; (iv) for development of pharmaceutical preparations, and for assessing their effects and side-effects; (v) for diagnosis of diseases, e.g. identification of pathogens or mutated genes, in humans or animals; (vi) to analyze microbial contamination of samples (water, soil, food and animal fodder); and (vii) as electrical components in a biocomputer. ADVANTAGE - In (A), biomolecules are immobilized with retention of activity and at high density. NP are morphologically and chemically stable for a long time in solution; provide a very high surface area:volume ratio and make possible a degree of miniaturization not previously achieved.