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Desintegrationsverfahren mittels kontinuierlich alternierender elektrischer Felder mit abrupter Feldstaerkeaenderung

Method for disrupting cells, useful for extraction or for introduction of xenobiotics, by application of an alternating electrical field with abrupt changes in field strength.
: Vitzthum, F.; Bernhagen, J.; Brunner, H.

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DE 2002-10201174 A: 20020115
DE 2002-10201174 A: 20020115
WO 2003-EP128 A: 20030109
DE 10201174 A1: 20030731
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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Desintegration von biologischem Zellmaterial zur Extraktion von Zellinhaltsstoffen oder Einschleusung von Wirkstoffen in biologisches Zellmaterial mittels kontinuierlich alternierender Felder mit abrupter Aenderung der Feldstaerke.


WO2003060114 A UPAB: 20031009 NOVELTY - Method for disrupting biological cell material (A), for extraction of cellular contents (B) or for introduction of agents (C) into the cell, comprises applying at least one electrical field that has a continuously alternating field strength. The new feature is that the field strength changes abruptly. USE - The method is used to disrupt cells for: (i) extraction of their contents; and (ii) incorporation of agents (xenobiotics). ADVANTAGE - The process: (a) uses simple, inexpensive and space-saving apparatus; (b) is universally applicable; and (c) provides quick extraction or incorporation of materials. Abrupt changes in field strength cause very effective disruption (by inducing Maxwell stresses), and by appropriate selection of frequency, amplitude, treatment time and temperature, permanent and/or transient pores, of varying diameters, are formed in the cells.