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Critical point broadening in the dielectric function of thin AlAs barriers on GaAs

Verbreiterung kritischer Punkte in der dielektrischen Funktion von dünnen AlAs-Barrieren in GaAs
: Wagner, J.; Weimar, U.; Gaymann, A.; Köhler, K.

Scheffler, M.; Zimmermann, R.:
23rd International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors 1996. Vol. 3
Singapore: World Scientific, 1996
ISBN: 981-02-2777-9
pp.1879-1882 : Ill., Lit.
International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors <23, 1996, Berlin>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAF ()
AlAs barrier; AlAs-Barriere; GaAs; spectroscopic ellipsometry; spektroskopische Ellipsometrie

Single AlAs barriers embedded in GaAs were studied by spectroscopic ellipsometry and Raman spectroscopy. For AlAs barrier widths below 10 nm the E1 and El + Delta 1 critical point resonances in the dielectric function of AlAs were found to broaden and eventually to disappear completely for a barrier width of 2 nm. The critical point broadening was found to be independent of the growth temperature. and thus of the cation intermixing detected by Raman spectroscopy for growth temperatures >= 600 deg C, and therefore to be an electronic effect inherent to thin AlAs barrier layers.