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Creep feed grinding of nickel-based alloys for industrial gas turbines

: Spur, G.; Niewelt, W.

Production Engineering - Research and Development in Germany. Annals of the German Academic Society for Production Engineering. Vol.1
Muenchen: Hanser, 1994
Book Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
creep feed grinding; nickel-based alloy; Nickelbasis-Legierung; production process; Produktionsprozeß; Tiefschleifen

Grinding is the usual method of machining complex components made of nickel-based alloys. This is the most economic process able to achieve the required dimensional and shape accuracies. Since components affecting equipment safety are concerned here, a fabrication process which minimizes damage has top priority. High quality components can be achieved by a uniform grinding process and low machining forces. The continuous in-process dressing while grinding with conventional grinding wheels, and the use of cubic- crystalline boron nitride, CBN, as a new abrasive material offer new means of achieving these objectives.