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Courseware needs Security

: Graf, F.; Busch, C.; Wolthusen, S.

Cumming, G. ; Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education -AACE-:
Advanced Research in Computers and Communications in Education
Amsterdam: IOS Press, 1999 (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications 55)
ISBN: 1-58603-027-2
ISBN: 4-274-90320-6
International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE) <7, 1999, Chiba, Japan>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Copyright; Electronic Commerce; Learning Environments; security

To be able to fulfill future requirements for education and training, new learning scenarios with distributed, user-adaptive, on-demand, co-operative training environments to support time and space independent learning are needed. Imparting knowledge will become a valuable service and field of business since knowledge and continuous education are becoming a major contributing factor to economic success of any company. As a consequence, courseware and the right to access it will be a major object of trade. Since its stock of courseware is the capital of each training provider there is a considerable need to protect it from any misuse. This paper will discuss the security requirements special to the area of Computer Aided Learning (CAL). It will show how courseware can be protected from illicit use and distribution when using a security system, which allows throughout the existence of the data use control instead of access control restricted to the time of delivery.