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Coupling enterprise modelling with EDM

Towards continues computer support
: Jasnoch, U.; Greipel, K.-P.

Reger, K. ; Society for Computer Simulation International -SCS-:
Building Tomorrow's Virtual Enterprise
Ghent: Society for Computer Simulation, 1997 (SCS publication)
ISBN: 1-565-55112-5
Concurrent Engineering Europe (CEE) <1997, Erlangen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
EDM; engineering; implementation; information; modelling; process; use

Significant factors for the economic success of a product are low development costs and, especiallt in a highly competitive market, a short time-to-market. To achieve these goals, companies may, on the one hand, support their product development processes by computers through "EDM Systems", on the other hand by tools dealing with these processes themselves that are to be modelled and optimised. The aim of this paper is to show how enterprise modelling systems, which serve as tools for modelling and optimisation of business processes from an economic point of view, can be linked to EDM systems.