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Costing structures of reusable packaging systems

: Dubiel, M.

International Association of Packaging Research Institutes -IAPRI-:
9th World Conference on Packaging 1995. Proceedings. Vol. 1
Brüssel: Belgian Packaging Institute, 1995
World Conference on Packaging <6, 1995, Brüssel>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
boxes; costing structure; Mehrwegverpackung; packaging system; reusable system; reusables; Verpackungskosten; Verpackungssystem

Companies which want to introduce reusable containers to avoid waste have problems concerning the different reusable systems, the different types of packaging, different organisational and physical structure of the exchange processes and above all the resulting expenses. Furthermore, many manufacturers offer reusable containers and pallets but without services. In order to work out a decision basis existing packaging systems have to be analysed, adapted and/or renewed under consideration of changed rules and structures. The choice must not be made between one-way and reusable packaging but between one-way and reusable systems with all their specific advantages and disadvantages. Basic information on logistics organisation and management for reusable packaging systems is given. Costing structures of reusable packaging systems are explained and also cost allocation and control mechanism to cut costs.